Canik trigger pin

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Evolving and innovating. Please verify that you ordered the exact trigger for the gun that you needed a trigger for. The triggers are absolutely not interchangeable among the brand of a gun. Also a failure to fit can be caused by an improper installation. All of the triggers should go into the gun freely or it is not being installed correctly and is out of proper alignment.

Extra tuning could be required to properly fit the trigger to your gun. In most cases they will be a "drop in", but due to variations in tolerances of certain parts, fitting by your gunsmith could be necessary. However, we are aware that it is difficult to offer a high performance trigger that will drop in every single gunespecially with the reduced operating envelope of our triggers. So we have engineered the trigger to be optimized for certain variances in the guns.

Qualified gunsmith installation is absolutely required for your safety, the protection of your firearm and for proper tuning if it is required. The trigger bar or action bar can also vary in thickness sometimes requiring filing the slot to fit it. None of this is rocket science and is easily performed single surface fitting that a qualified gunsmith can do during the installation of the trigger.

All of our products are sulfuric acid anodized for a finish over the aluminum. The colors vary from one batch to the next. Also dyeing the colors is not an exact science. The photos in the website also may depict different colors due to lighting or reflections.

A basic description for our available triggers for the Canik would be. Only difference is the two additional angles on the FDII. Many prefer the traditional feel of the curved trigger. These three styles of triggers are very wide and not recommended for small hands or short fingers.

The Master is similar to the classic, being a curved style, but with relieved sides for better access to the drop safety lever. Again only difference is the two angles added to the Champion. The Pro has two additional angles to assist in consistent finger placement. The "Zombie Pro" differs from the "Pro" only in that it has a curve at the top that transitions into a flat with a more pronounced hook on the tip and is only available in solid colors.

Otherwise they are identical in other features. The EDC simply has more pre travel for those that desire it.Ok, couple years back i switched all my guns over to this "luxury" item. They make removing and inserting the trigger vastly easier. Sadly, while investigating a funky feel in my trigger, i found it broken!

canik trigger pin

Not even sure how enough force was applied to break it. But dad always said i could break an anvil with a feather It's my special skill.

Anyway, i was thinking just buy another one when a friend said CGW stands behind their stuff and to contact them. So, i sent them a picture and short email. They responded within 10 minutes with an apology about it breaking and that a new one was on the way.

CANIK PISTOL RECALL : Voluntary Upgrade Trigger & Firing Pin Spring! You pay shipping?

Wow, now that's customer service! The folks over at Cajun are really stand up! Glad to hear heat they are sending you a replacement! To take it off, however, you do need something sharp to push it out. Still you don't need a hammer. I need a couple of those floating trigger pins. The Tanfo roll pin is a pain to get in and out. Is this the same or similar to the Canik trigger pin that some people use? Cajun doesn't ship to Canada.

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CGW used to but I thought I read somewhere that they stopped. I ordered the Canik version from Patriot Defence. I broke one of the early ones. Same great customer service had a new one in my hands in a few days. I've use q-tip stems before too. If you ever make a slave pin that has too large of a diameter to go through the frame but not too large go through the trigger, you will cuss once again.

Lol, we definitely live in the same gun world. I was going to try one in my Stock 2. Does the Stock 2 use the trigger pin for the CZ or the Canik? The stock 2 and canik uses a slightly bigger diameter trigger pin compared to the shadow 2.

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CGW accidentally sent me. That explains why the three I bought dont fit as tight as I thought they should.Evidently, this seems to be a bit of a problem with these guns, and I am more than a little peeved that I haven't even had my example for a full year before having to replace it twice.

I was looking around, and it doesn't seem like a titanium striker or similar is available.

canik trigger pin

Additionally, if anyone knows what causes these breakages, let me know so I can avoid it in the future. So my replacement parts just came in from Century as well as my snap caps. Hopefully this issue doesn't persist, but I am concerned that the new striker assembly I was sent has a noticeably stronger spring than the one I removed.

Is this to be expected? Will it wear in eventually as I break in the new component? If not, is there an alternative spring I should look to get and use? You may find a relevant thread about it somewhere on the forum. If your SFx has the original striker spring, those are way too stout.

Canik Floating Trigger Pin

You can replace it with a Ghost 6. Another option is the Glock 28 Newton spring. The reduced power striker springs also solve problems with failure to return to battery issues if you run a lighter recoil spring.

Like basically all striker fired pistols, Caniks are cock on close and the factory striker spring will cause battery issues with any recoil spring under lbs. Canik apparently designed those for dry firing pencils to the moon.

Since I mentioned spring swaps That makes a noticeable difference on the first SFx pistols but a huge difference on the newer ones that have the severe duty upgrade which came out after the Sig p drop test fiasco. On the SFx pistols with the Severe Paranoia Upgrade, a block plunger spring swap will often reduce the trigger pull by a full pound and sometimes more.

With the RP block plunger spring, a 28 Newton striker spring and a bit of polishing, you can get the trigger to 2. Century Arms just posted replacement firing pins for sale on the site.

Plus other "maintenance" items. Oh this is great! Previously, I was not able to get spares, so I'm definitely glad they made them available even if they are a bit spendy. Hopefully, that will solve most of my problems.

canik trigger pin

Do those lighter springs work better at all?With our roots in the aerospace and industrial sector, we have been producing professional-grade striker-fired handguns at affordable prices. With our capabilities to rapidly source raw materials for our extensive manufacturing facilities, along with our extensive relationships for global distribution, Canik firearms meet and exceed all military and law enforcement standards, while maintaining a competitive price structure. A cleaning kit is included along with a wrench to disengage the thread protector for cleaning and maintenance.

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Canik-branded speed loader included. View Stats. The TP9SA comes with two mags. The TP9SF comes with two mags. The TP9SFx comes with two 20 rd. Learn More. Fluted and nitride-coated with a SAI-designed blacked-out rear sight. Four red-dot interface plates. SAI-designed speed funnel magazine well.

Enhanced combat trigger. One red-dot interface plates. FEATURES Comes with industry standard dovetail sight cuts that are compatible with a large variety of aftermarket sights Warren Tactical sights with red and green fiber optic front sight Removeable Red Dot cover — Rear sight installed in cover to eliminate interference with certain Red Dot sights Four Red Dot interface plates Match grade barrel Improved single action trigger with 3.Unsure what to order for that someone special.

Not a problem, we offer gift certificates in any amount to suit your needs. It's the gift that always fits. Canik TP9 Performance Parts. Gift cards Unsure what to order for that someone special. Order a gift certificate.

canik trigger pin

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We hope you enjoy shopping at Galloway Precision. Contact us P. Need Help? All rights reserved. Powered by X-Cart.You've been asking, and we heard you. This spring kit will drop the pull weight to between 3. Maintaining the short reset of the pistol, while dropping the pull weight was our goal and this kit delivers in spades. Feel the difference and get yours today! Click here for that listing. Depends on the quality of the ammunition.

If you mean something like Tula or Wolf, stuff that has primers like concrete, then you will run into ignition issues. Next product. Ask a question 6. Reviews: 1. Add to cart. Description Specification Questions Reviews. Made in the USA!

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Product questions Ask question. Brett Backus.

Floating Trigger Pin

Lenny Lehmann. Coley Davis III. Justin Jacobs. Kevin N. See all questions about the product. Customer reviews. Average rating:. Rating of votes 2. Please sign in to add review. Michael Dalton. I really enjoy this spring kit. Only draw back for me is I did not notice a change in the plunger spring that may be due to reducing both springs equally.Delray Beach, Fla. All Canik pistols comply with and exceed current industry and military abusive handling standards.

Floating Trigger Pin

There are no safety concerns with the pistols when used under ordinary conditions. Evaluations and tests have shown that repeated abusive dropping of pistols may result in damage to safety features and unintentional discharge. The product must be inspected by a qualified gunsmith or returned for inspection after any significant impact. Firearm abusive handling tests can be dangerous and should only be conducted by qualified individuals in controlled environments with proper safety precautions in place.

Canik does not recommend that any customer conduct drop tests or other endurance tests before or after this Severe Duty Upgrade. Canik is committed to manufacturing safe, reliable, innovative and affordable firearms. We are offering a voluntary upgrade to the trigger safety spring and firing pin block spring on the Canik models noted above. The Severe Duty Upgrade does not alter any feature or design of the pistols. Canik will provide all parts and workmanship at no charge, but customers will be responsible for shipping costs.

Steps for upgrading your pistol? After that date, please utilize our online serial number validation system at www. Yes, there is no problem with the pistol when used under ordinary conditions. A firearm with deformed, damaged or disabled internal parts may compromise the safety systems and result in accidental discharge which can result is serious injury or death to the shooter or bystanders.

The product must be inspected by a qualified gunsmith or returned to Canik for inspection after any significant impact. We are upgrading the trigger safety spring and firing pin block spring but The Severe Duty Upgrade does not have any affect and does not alter any features or design of the pistols. However, the upgrade is being offered at no charge to consumers. Shipping is not included, so the only cost to the consumer is shipping for the Severe Duty Upgrade.

If I choose to benefit from this Severe Duty Upgrade, should I send all the parts that were included in the case when I purchased my pistol? You should NOT send any magazines, holsters, back straps, magazine loaders, aftermarket trigger groups or accessories with your pistol. If these items are sent with your Severe Duty Upgrade request, Canik cannot guarantee that those items will be returned to you.

Century Arms can only guarantee the function and safety of original Canik trigger components. Any questions regarding aftermarket components should be addressed with the aftermarket manufacturer.

A firearm that is shipped loaded may discharge causing serious injury or death. Before returning a firearm or accessory to Canik, please make sure that it is completely unloaded. All firearms shipped to Canik must be completely empty of live ammunition. All empty casings must also be removed from chambers and magazines. Is Canik currently shipping the pistols noted above without the Severe Duty Upgrade? Firearm abusive handling tests can be dangerous and should only be conducted by qualified individuals in controlled environments.

Canik does not recommend that any customer conducts any form of drop test before or after this Severe Duty Upgrade. We will acknowledge your properly completed registration for the Severe Duty Upgrade via email upon receipt of your completed application form.

From beginning to end, the process should take approximately weeks depending on the number of requests for this upgrade. We will process your application on an as received basis. How do I know if my gun has been upgraded? Please utilize our online serial number validation system. Is my Pistol safe to use in its current configuration? What is the reason of this Severe Duty Upgrade?

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